4 innovative ways India is using Whats Apps

WhatsApp has indeed successfully built a rather interesting community of over 1.2 billion monthly based active users worldwide by being able to allow these users to message friends for free. Yet, in India, where WhatsApp has about 160 million monthly active users, the service has become more than a “no-cost chatting app.” In recent years, […]

2018 Chatbot trends: The year of the Voicebot, Whatsapp Bots, Map

We did observe chatbots development in 2017 and now let us look into how the chatbots work for better customer service as well as customer experience across industries as they offer: Creating and tracking insurance claims. Personal online banking. Booking travel accommodations and flights. Service support systems internally in several management software systems. Providing broader […]


Whatsapp updates games are to be enjoyed and one can have lots of fun. The year 2018 is ushering newer forms of WhatsApp update games. Best WhatsApp dare games One can enjoy these specially designed WhatsApp dare games with anyone one loves to chat with. Questions and answers have to be followed and several of […]