WhatsApp gains chat pinning, comprehensive file sharing & more in latest update

The app has indeed now gained a trio of new features in the latest updated version. WhatsApp version 2.17.40 for iOS does bring a chat pinning feature, multi-format file sharing, and other improvements as well. This is indeed a remarkable achievement as far as Whatsapp is concerned.

One can make it as one’s favorite chat that does remain at the top of the list, which makes it very easy to find. To make use of this feature, one simply has to swipe right on a chat in the given conversation list, and then tap a Pin or Unpin option.

The app has also indeed expanded the file sharing based feature, which does now allow one to share any type of file with one or more recipients. To send files of any type, one has to open a chat, tap the plus icon at the bottom then also choose the Document option.

In the popup menu, select one’s favorite storage provider such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. (any app that does include an iOS Document Provider extension should also be available from the respective menu).

And finally, when one receives multiple photos the app now does let one tap and hold on the group of photos in order to quickly forward or delete all of them in one given fell swoop.

WhatsApp has to comply with the data portability based rule in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law.

WhatsApp has indeed updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the sake of the users in the European Union where this upcoming GDPR law is taking effect.

WhatsApp enables the users to be able to download their account information which does include their profile photograph, group names, and current account settings. Customers’ instant messages will not be included in the download as people have been able to gather back up and as well as export their entire messaging history thus making use of WhatsApp’s existing built-in tools.

The only pieces of information that are being shared between Facebook and WhatsApp are security info and anti-spam data which do help them block bad actors and also fight spam.

WhatsApp has been able to set up an entity within the European Union in order to provide its services there in a way that does comply with EU’s privacy as well as data protection laws.


Whatsapp has featured well and has very many uses that the user find very convenient and useful. Downloading on Whatsapp has become very popular and with added new features it has become all the more attractive. Users do find it very viable and make use of it in their communication, whether personal or business.

Whatsapp has become indispensable in daily communication and any new features added to it are much welcomed by users. It benefits the users in many ways and naturally, they try to take maximum advantage of its features.

What’s the fastest growing social media network in the world?

As compared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Whatsapp, the mobile app that has been created only 5 years ago has, in fact, 700mn active users are now, of course, the most widely used social network in several markets and is in fact officially overtaking Facebook messenger.

In fact, as a private chat based messenger WhatsApp does allow users to share unlimited text, video, audio messages for free.

Marketers have much to reckon with Whatsapp. They have to face up to no ads, no media to buy and users do not like intrusive spam-like messages that need to work harder to generate consumer engagement.

The most critical aspect of Whatsapp is that one cannot push messages to consumers one does not know. One needs to get invited by the consumers to become their contact.

With 70% engagement daily, every marketer does indeed need to learn these WhatsApp marketing strategies to grow.

1. Create an Engaging Brand Persona for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is indeed a personal as well as the intimate messaging platform where people do tend to converse with their family members, connect with friends and sometimes even flirt as well. One has to create an engaging brand persona or character that does represent one’s brand with it is WhatsApp number.

What’s the fastest growing social media network in the world?2. Offer greater value to build a phone database

Whatsapp will indeed remain ad-free and hence in order to build a base of users, one needs to offer something of value in exchange for their respective phone number. This can be in the form of a promotion, a freebie, a free service or valuable information.

3. Offer is always on relevant content for free

What does one do by starting to build a phone list?

Whatsapp has a 70% engagement rate, higher than Facebook. This implies one needs to offer users great content on relevant topics in order to ensure that they are engaged with one.

4. Delivery of Speedy Customer Service

Whatsapp consists of a 70% opening rate, thus implying the guaranteed exposure of one’s message if the customer is on WhatsApp along with one.

5. Consumer Research

Whatsapp has in fact not so far been used extensively for research but does offer an easy to use, inexpensive and a quick platform to run some quick research.

It is quite obvious Whatsapp can be utilized in many ways to take benefit of the market equations. The marketers have to utilize these marketing strategies to gain maximum benefit from Whatsapp.

The users have indeed become techno-savvy and want the latest app that can facilitate their communication. Market strategies for app need to be evolved and this applies to Whatsapp as well. Every app has to be market-oriented for it to be viable and successful. The focus  has to be on evolving marketing strategies so that consumer’s get maximum benefit from the usage of the app.

One life in a competitive market and one has to find ways and mean to evolve an effective marketing strategy and Whatsapp has also been successful so far on account of this.

App no longer operates on Blackberry handsets and Windows Phone 8.0 or older

WhatsApp has indeed bid farewell to two of its long-term partners with the starting of the new year, thus letting down support for Blackberry and Windows 8.0 or older smartphones.

Users will now be able to continue to make use of the Facebook owned app but will not be able to create new accounts or even re-verify existing accounts.

The move will no doubt eventually lead to the messenger crashing and also become unusable, after the update support was withdrawn today.

What are the highlights of platforms losing whatsapp?

  1. WhatsApp is also actually distancing itself from old as well as unpopular platforms in order to be able to focus upon the duopoly of Apple and Android.
  2. The Nokia Symbian S60 was indeed cut-off on June 30 this year and was in fact also the first to go.
  3. As of the January 1, 2018, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 and devices that do make use of Windows Phone 8.0 that will not be supporting WhatsApp.
  4. The next step in the slimming down process of the platforms that WhatsApp has offered will be the cutting-off of the Nokia S40 on December 31, 2018.
  5. Android versions 2.3.7 and older will also be unable to use WhatsApp on February 1, 2020.
  6. The Menlo-Park based developers of the popular platform have also said that they will not actually continue to work on these operating systems.
  7. The plans are to phase them out in favor of steering resources into the popular Android and iOS versions of the app.
  8. If one is also making use of the affected models, one will also indeed require to upgrade to a newer version of OS in order to ensure ongoing support.
  9. This does include Android running OS 4.0 or above, iPhone running iOS 7 or above, or Windows Phone 8.1 or above.
  10. WhatsApp can actually be activated with the help of one phone number on only one device at a time.
  11. At orient there is also in, a fact no option to transfer one’s chat history between the platforms.
  12. However, the prevalent options are to send one’s chat history by attaching it to an email.


WhatsApp was initially launched in 2009 during greater diversity in the operating systems that were being used on smartphones.

The idea now is to focus our efforts upon the mobile platforms which the vast majority of people make use of.

Whatsapp brings about required changes in its operations in order to facilitate the usage of smartphones by its users. Users always want better operative methods and any changes brought about by Whatsapp in its technological offerings are always welcomed. The year 2018 will indeed prove to be very remarkable in many ways and Whatsapp will certainly be making an all out effort to reach out to its users. One has to simply wait and see.

Big Changes in way in the New Whatsapp Update

It is interesting to note that a new WhatsApp update is indeed on its way and details of its main area changes are indeed already making their way to the web. Users are coming to know about it. Let us know what these are for our own knowledge.

Whatsapp updates are always welcomed by users as they would appreciate if their communication is smoother and easy. In fact, Whatsapp updates are very much user-centric and cater to the needs and demands of the user in facilitating their daily communication.

What is in the offing?

After the beta testing of the new update having been done on one million users, indication is that the main change that is to take place will be that the users will now be able to send payment rather securely via the app, as WhatsApp is to be integrated as a payment method for Facebook Marketplace as well.

Users are already able to send payments via Facebook Messenger, but a similar function to the existing WhatsApp will help stop the spread of scams via the app, which often makes the users to send their respective bank details to strangers.

Another change is that the users might be rather less enthusiastic about what the new Terms of Service allegedly do allow WhatsApp to share information with the Facebook as well as other companies it owns.

What else is there to know about New Whatsapp update new development?

One may recall here that WhatsApp was indeed purchased by Facebook in 2014 and has since then long stated that it would not be sharing the user information with its existing parent company.

However, the new Terms of Service do read as follows: “The Facebook Companies (which include WhatsApp) are a group of companies that are owned by Facebook. Other Facebook Companies provide services to WhatsApp so that we can operate and provide our Services.”

It further adds: “When we share your personal information with other Facebook Companies, it will only be used to provide services to WhatsApp on our behalf in accordance with our instructions and terms or to help ensure the safety, security, and integrity of WhatsApp and other Facebook Company Products.”

“Nothing you share on WhatsApp, including your phone number, will be shown on Facebook or any of the Facebook Company Products, unless you choose to show it.”

Furthermore to know…..

One change that will not be appearing in the new update happens to be the “tone” feature. It has been rumored that WhatsApp would in fact be introducing a function that would be able to send an alert to another user in case they fail to reply to the sent message.


Whatsapp new update is very innovative and will serve the purpose of the users’ daily needs to communicate. Whatsapp update ensures that its updates are purposeful and have the required impact upon the users. They provide professionalized updates that stand out in many ways and thus add a new dimension to their already existing services.

4 innovative ways India is using Whats Apps

WhatsApp has indeed successfully built a rather interesting community of over 1.2 billion monthly based active users worldwide by being able to allow these users to message friends for free. Yet, in India, where WhatsApp has about 160 million monthly active users, the service has become more than a “no-cost chatting app.”

In recent years, the authorities have indeed caught on to WhatsApp’s potential for being able to engage more directly with the given Indian public, especially in some of the country’s megacities.

WhatsApp has proved to be very useful for many purposes in our daily lives and has indeed become a popular App. It is becoming an essential component of daily communication be it at a personal level or commercial or official level.

It is interesting to take note of some its useful applications that are taken seriously and thus its popularity as a technological tool cannot be negated.

Increasing women’s safety

A WhatsApp safety group does enable New Delhi women who are able to travel by public transport to send the required photos and also the details of the vehicle to the police before being able to board it. Set up as both a deterrent for the sex crimes and also to boost women’s confidence, the group can also be made use of to alert the local police in emergencies.

Reporting Offenses

A number of cities have also launched WhatsApp numbers for reporting crimes, traffic problems, and other disturbances. Whatsapp groups launched by the local in Hyderabad, Telangana have received 341 complaints in just 30 days. In Delhi, a traffic complaints system saw over 250 messages pour in within just a few hours of Whatsapp launch. People are able to contact local police with regard to traffic violations, unauthorized parking or even overcharging by taxi drivers as well as faulty traffic signals apart from many other complaints. They can also attach the video footage or photographs to their messages and back up their claims.

Holding politicians to account

Authorities, for example, in Kerala have taken citizen participation one step further and that is people can use WhatsApp to file complaints against corrupt government officials, along with the required video as well as photo evidence.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indeed even resorted to a WhatsApp group to get rid of the absenteeism among MPs. It informs politicians about the important meetings and parliamentary sessions they should be able to attend.

Helping flood victims

Beyond bringing government as well as public institutions rather closer to the people, WhatsApp has also been able to prove itself useful as a tool for being able to connect communities.

One indeed requires WhatsApp in essential communication forums and getting hold of it as a purposeful tool cannot be undermined. The need to have WhatsApp to conduct daily affairs is felt quite acutely and purchasing the App is worth indeed the investment. Individuals and companies are making use of it more frequently than ever before.

2018 Chatbot trends: The year of the Voicebot, Whatsapp Bots, Map

We did observe chatbots development in 2017 and now let us look into how the chatbots work for better customer service as well as customer experience across industries as they offer:

  • Creating and tracking insurance claims.
  • Personal online banking.
  • Booking travel accommodations and flights.
  • Service support systems internally in several management software systems.
  • Providing broader mental health accessibility.

Many changes are expected within the span of next 3 to 5 years such as:

  • Chatbots are indeed expected to enhance the cost-savings in billions of dollars a year in the e-commerce, banking and healthcare areas.
  • Efficient as well as correct chatbot interaction is expected to increase from just 20% in 2017 to about 93% in 2022.
  • Businesses are also increasing their interactivity with other businesses within a chatbot experience to provide the ultimate experience.

The premise that the chatbots will actually replace native apps is also becoming a reality, and will also continue to see that it is realized in 2018.Chatbots, AI and messaging are no doubt new digital experiences.

2018- The Year of the Voicebot: VoiceBots for Automation and Retail

2018 will be the “year of the voice-bot.”More brands will be adopting a voice-assisted bot that happens to be original and built for their brand. Until now, third-party developers do not really have access to the WhatsApp platform. WhatsApp is the largest messaging app in the world.

Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) Will Become Mainstream

Messaging as a Platform is a space where interaction, commerce, and online activity will indeed increase. The app does exist well within messaging, and messaging is the architecture for that app. Messaging will indeed become Messaging as an Application (MaaA).

Chatbots, with their respective advancements in AI and natural language processing, will indeed continue to bring this experience to more users.

More Chatbots on Websites

Users will have access to more chatbots on websites and will thus find messaging very convenient. Chatbots have been popular and will continue to be popular. Chatbots will align with popular user channels and also lead directly back to their site. It enables more control over an organization’s marketing and user experience strategy.


Customized approach to business is what the industry believes in and making use of chatbots for business is indeed gaining much popularity. Communication is a very important component of any business and naturally, chatbots are much in usage in business communication apart from being popular for personal communication. The communication strategies have changed a lot and the internet is made much use of in enhancing business profits. Major companies as well as smaller ones are using chatbots for their daily transactions and find them of much value.

The year 2018 will indeed bring forth the fascinating operations of chatbots and one will come across various technological developments in this area. Many challenges lie ahead in the coming year in chatbot operations.


Whatsapp updates games are to be enjoyed and one can have lots of fun. The year 2018 is ushering newer forms of WhatsApp update games.

Best WhatsApp dare games

One can enjoy these specially designed WhatsApp dare games with anyone one loves to chat with. Questions and answers have to be followed and several of them are compiled. Several of these questions and answers are compiled as a list of best WhatsApp dare messages which can simply be copy-pasted on one’s WhatsApp. These do contain smiley dare games, funny dare messages; dare games for couples and of course a lot more.

The list of best WhatsApp dares of 2018 is frequently updated with new and latest dare games.

There are various categories of WhatsApp dares. These include: Whatsapp love dare, funny WhatsApp dare messages, Whatsapp truth and dare, couples, Whatsapp dare messages for friends, dare messages for Bf/Gf, WhatsApp naughty dares etc.

Interesting! Isn’t it?

So, here’s the list of latest best WhatsApp dare games.

WhatsApp Dare Game for Couples

Whatsapp Funny Dare

Funny dare messages that one should send to one’s friends and also have fun with them.

Whatsapp truth and dare message

This one is an interesting game as you get to know more about one’s friend or crush by sending this dare message to them. And by the way, one can always change the numbers of the questions according to what one needs to ask them.

Whatsapp Dare for Bf/Gf

Is one in a relationship? Well, if one is not able to find new games or topics to chat with one’s partner, one can always send him or her dare message to bring in the required fun.

Whatsapp Dare Naughty

Planning to be naughty with someone? Then there is WhatsApp dare game to have fun.

Life can be drab at times and one requires some entertainment to boost up spirits. Whatsapp Dare games are indeed very interesting and provide much fun.

Social media games are very enjoyable and much time is spent in playing them. Whatsapp has indeed provided many games for its audience. Entertainment is also part of the social media business. One can send Whatsapp Dare Messages to one’s friends and also invite them to play these Whatsapp Dare games with him or her. Social site lovers like to make use of social media to interact with their loved ones and playing games are one such act. One can involve one’s relatives and friends and thus improve or rather widen one’s social circuit.

Romantic Dare games are very interesting and bring loved ones more closely. These are very popular games and many Whatsapp users do indulge in them.

Whatsapp Dare games provide answers to many questions and they are worth taking part in. Much information can be gathered from them. Both adults and youngsters will get much pleasure from them. One can understand oneself and also others while playing these games. Try them out and see for yourself how pleasurable these games are!

WhatsApp update 2018: App encouraging users to make video calls, instead of voice?

WhatsApp has indeed come up once again with its innovative idea of another unique update for its regular users. The messaging app has, in fact, rolled out a subtle change that will also encourage the users to make the video calls instead of the voice calls. WhatsApp has also released a beta update that does introduce a new video call switch button.

WhatsApp has become rather indispensable and its updates do indeed make the required impact and are many appeals to the mobile users. New innovative ideas have made WhatsApp very popular and very usable. These new innovative ideas are meant to facilitate communication among users and also ensure that the communication is further bridged.

Aspects of WhatsApp update 2018:

  • When one is in the middle of a WhatsApp voice call, thus tapping, it will send a request to the person you’re talking to, asking if they want to switch from voice to video.
  • Earlier users had to cut the call to switch it from a voice call to a video call. This feature does currently work on the Android devices with Android 6.0 and above.
  • WhatsApp in its previous beta version had rolled out features like Facebook stickers, a new layout for the GIF button and option to manage groups by demoting or removing members from the group.
  • The messaging app has also hinted at group voice and video calls on the app.
  • An option to reply privately to a group member was also seen in one of the previous beta updates.
  • The Facebook-owned messaging app in 2017 had rolled out some massive changes for its users. One of which was ‘Delete for everyone’.
  • The messaging app had finally heard the voice of millions of users and introduced this new feature that allows the users to delete messages that have been sent by a mistake.
  • This feature is applicable to both individual and group chats.
  • All file types such as messages, videos, images, files, etc. can be deleted using this feature.

More features:

  • This happens to be a standalone app which does allow the users to communicate with businesses they are much concerned about. The verified profiles will thus make it easier for businesses to reach out to consumers via WhatsApp.
  • The verified accounts will, in fact, get a green badge with a white tick next to their names.
  • The users, in fact, will not be able to delete the specific sent messages.


The features that are being introduced in 2018 as far as WhatsApp is concerned to make it very unique and very accessible. It becomes an essential item in one’s daily activities is it on the professional level or personal level. Videos calls have become very popular and now users prefer accessing them rather than voice calls as done earlier. Technological progress has made WhatsApp a component of much usage and naturally more new features will be added in the coming future.

WhatsApps in 2018 cum Instagram

WhatsApp is planning to stop working on several ranges of old smartphones. This implies that the owners will never be able to buy newer gadgets if they want to continue making use of the chat app to the best of its capabilities.

On New Year’s Day, WhatsApp certainly planned to ‘remove support’ for a number of devices, which the updated version of the software, cannot any longer be installed on them.

This also means owners of these clapped out gizmos will also not be able to enjoy the new features or plugs for security holes which most of them will be able to often be introduced in updates.

From January 1, 2018, any person who is still making use of phones which run BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone 8.0 will no longer be able to update their WhatsApp software.

WhatsApp has to expand our app’s features in the future.

Efforts are on to improve upon better ways to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones making use of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp prefers to upgrade to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone.’

Last year, WhatsApp had dropped its support for Nokia Symbian S60 phones. It will, in fact, do the same as well for Nokia S40 handsets on December 31, 2018, and then onto devices running Android 2.3.7 and older after 1 February 2020.

Instagram is trying out a newer sharing feature that will certainly let one export one’s respective Stories to WhatsApp in Brazil, with a worldwide expansion that is rumored to take place in the not-too-distant future.

The social giant has released a similar tool that lets one export one’s Instagram Stories to Facebook, so provided everything goes according to set-up plan. In fact, one might soon be able to share your Instagram Stories to Facebook and WhatsApp simultaneously.

Facebook had acquired Instagram way back in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014. In order to make use of Instagram’s Stories tool to be able to drive more people to WhatsApp’s social Status feature for some time, while introducing seamless sharing could just do that.

Facebook has tested a number of new features on Instagram in the past, only to scrap them after realizing they were not a hit with the sample group. It is possible that the same thing could also happen here.

One can keep in touch with their loved ones’ friend and colleagues through WhatsApp and any new additions to its operations will always be welcomed.

In 2018 mobile users will find WhatsApp very useful as it will feature newer dimensions to mobile conversations. These days communication has become very essential in all facets of one’s lives, the newer forms of innovative technological applications that reintroduced will enable mobile users to have access to people located at far of places. The focus has to be on smooth communication techniques and WhatsApp will definitely prove to be worthwhile in this respect.

Major updates of Whats App for Android beta

The newer Beta version of WhatsApp for Android has no doubt several updates that include a smaller app size and also a feature that helps in enabling to notify the respective contacts when one changes the number.

Based upon reports of the website Teknepolis, the latest package 2.17.375 does use up lesser space while downloading as well as installing. The decrease is no doubt approximately 6MBand the size is on account of the elimination of about 20 libraries that were added to the existing versions mentioned above.

The other respective major update is when one actually changes one’s phone number in the WhatsApp and the respective contacts would be able to receive notification of the update.

The feature would also work every time one changes one’s phone number.

Users can also even customise the contacts, whether all of them or without them one has chats then see the changed numbers.

In addition to these two major updates, the company has also modified 473 files thus correcting several minor errors.

WhatsApp major update is an issue to reckon with. It is a popular app and naturally, any updates to it will be welcomed by the users. It is leaner, faster and a smarter app than ever before.

WhatsApp is not a new usage. Most tech savvy persons or senior citizens also make use of it. WhatsApp helps one to stay in touch with one’s near and dear ones. WhatsApp too has been evolved over a period of time to be able to provide a facility that is much more viable.

How is Whatsapp useful?

  • Sharing photos.
  • Videos.
  • Documents.
  • Video-calling.
  • Text messaging over the internet.
  • Group chats with up to the level of 256 people at once.
  • Ability to share one’s photos, videos, audio files. documents and real-time location.
  • Support for Voice Calls and Video Calls.
  • End-to-end encryption for all calls and messages for security.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • WhatsApp can be used on the web, Windows, Mac, IOS, audio files. Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Synced chats.

What Is WhatsApp Beta?

WhatsApp Beta is indeed a newer version of WhatsApp where all the respective new features are initially introduced, tested as well as perfect.

So, if you want to stay ahead with latest features first, you can sign up for Beta version from here. One can log on Google Play as well as Google account to make use of Whatsapp.

Before one signs up for a Beta tester, it is essential to know that the Beta version is indeed unstable as well as prone to bugs and crashes.

WhatsApp Beta: What’s New?

The second update is indeed a major one. One changes one’s cell number, then one’s WhatsApp contacts will be notified of the update by default. One can either choose to inform all of the contacts or a few selected ones.

Whatsapp updates are no doubt major ones and have given a new dimension to the app.